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The Lake Windermere Ambassadors are a group of committed citizens whose mandate is the protection of Lake Windermere, British Columbia.

We have a vision of an ecologically healthy Lake Windermere, with balanced management approaches that support recreation and traditional uses, high fish and wildlife values, and economic prosperity in the region.

Our activities are directed by people representing key community sectors including: local business, government, First Nations, recreation, second homeowners, local residents, youth and non-government organizations.

2019/2020 Board of Directors, Advisers and Staff

We are currently directing lake water quality monitoring and conducting education and stewardship programs within the community. We also encourage the implementation of policies & guidelines in the Lake Windermere Management Plan.

The Lake Windermere Ambassadors have received accolades for their collaborative initiatives and are being used as a model for community-based water stewardship by Living Lakes International, Living Lakes Network Canada, and Friends of Kootenay Lake.

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Work With Us!

Work With Us!

Spend your summer as our Water Stewardship Assistant We have been so lucky to hire a summer student to help with our summer programming over the past few years. Want to spend your summer learning about water quality and quantity monitoring? Connecting with the community around Lake Windermere? Teaching kids about the Lake Windermere Watershed? […]

Annual General Meeting

Annual General Meeting

10th Annual General Meeting The Lake Windermere Ambassadors will be hosting our Annual General Meeting on March 11th this year. This is an opportunity to join the Ambassadors and learn about all the work we have been doing this year, and what we have planned for the upcoming year. This is also an excellent opportunity […]