• Paul Christy

    Paul Christy

    Paul Christy is the President of the Lake Windermere Ambassadors. Paul is also a long-term resident of the Columbia Valley and a local business owner. An avid biker and a father of two young boys, Paul spends a lot of time outside, exploring the scenery of the Lake Windermere watershed.

  • Shawn Ridsdale

    Shawn Ridsdale

    Bio coming soon

  • Taoya Shaefer

    Taoya Shaefer

    Taoya is retired after working for 25 years as a physiotherapist. She has lived in the Lake Windermere watershed since the 1980s and appreciates the area’s natural beauty and abundance of outdoor recreation opportunities. Among the outdoor pursuits she enjoys are mountain-biking, backpacking, skiing, kayaking, canoeing and sailing with her husband and two sons.

    Taoya especially strives to represent the interests of people who appreciate non-motorized uses of the lake. “I hope that through working with the Ambassadors, I will be able to contribute to a healthier Lake Windermere.”

  • Jennifer Beverley

    Jennifer Beverley

    Jennifer instantly fell in love with Lake Windermere and the surrounding Columbia Valley when she moved to Invermere in 2017. Since then she has been working as an environmental health officer and is passionate about the management and protection of our natural resources and ecosystems. Jennifer is also interested in studying the dynamic connection between public health and the environment. In her spare time, she loves to be outside gardening, hiking, paddle boarding, camping, skiing and exploring.

  • Paola Albano

    Paola Albano

    Paola came from Italy to Invermere in January of 2018.  She is a graduate of Economics at the University of Turin and is a Senior Accountant. Paola lives in the Valley with her husband and their lovely daughter. She loves nature, animals, ecology and our wonderful lake! She is so proud to be a part of LWA!

    “We never know the worth of water till the well is dry.” Thomas Fuller.

  • Gurmeet Brar

    Gurmeet Brar

    Gurmeet is a retired Professional Engineer with degrees in Chemical Engineering, a career in Petroleum Reservoir Engineering and a keen interest in Environmental Science and Engineering. A Calgarian since 1971, Gurmeet has had a presence in the Lake Windermere area since 1972. He has been actively involved over decades in the protection of lakes,  wetlands and precious water resources. Gurmeet is an original founding member of the Lake Windermere Ambassadors.

  • Buzz Harmsworth

    Buzz Harmsworth

    Born on the sandy shores of Vancouver Island, Buzz was educated at Oak Bay high, then trained to be a Marine Electrician. He spent most spare time fishing and hunting. Buzz took several extended courses at the University of Victoria on fisheries and in 1961 became a Game warden. He worked in several districts in the province and worked for 2 seasons on fish surveys for the flood studies on the Laredo preparing for the Duncan Reservoir. Buzz was moved to Invermere in the fall of 1965 to fill the position of District Conservation Officer. He has been in Invermere ever since and retired in the spring of 1989.

  • Katie Watt

    Katie Watt

    Katie serves as youth representative on the Ambassador’s board of directors. Katie has been a life long resident of the Columbia Valley and is a graduate of David Thompson Secondary School in Invermere. Among other things, Katie has a strong and deep passion for art and the environment. She enjoys the Valley for the opportunities it provides in both fields, and she can often be spotted with her camera in hand, at local shops designing their chalkboards, or just simply enjoying some tea and a cookie in a cafe. Katie aims to bring the perspective of youth in the community to the board, and to also engage students in the efforts of the Lake Windermere Ambassadors.

  • Max Fanderl

    Max Fanderl

    Max has lived in the valley since 1994 and works in sales and marketing at Columbia River Paddle (www.ColumbiaRiverPaddle.com) and Trappeur Homes (www.TrappeurHomes.com). He also works instructing and speaking at  www.FlyingMax.com.

    Max is a dynamic personality who people warm to easily, he engages people in a way which helps them see the possibilities of life and business. Max has parlayed his success in extreme sports into a business strategy consulting practice, combined with a strategy development/motivational speaking program and leadership training.

  • Ute Juras

    Ute Juras

    Born and raised in Germany, Ute immigrated to Canada with her parents and sister in 1982. Ute moved to the Columbia Valley in 1988, starting out in Fairmont and then to Canal Flats where she raised her two daughters.

    In 2016 she found a new home in Invermere. Having worked here for over 10 years, she had always known that this was a wonderful community, however, she never expected to be welcomed and embraced with such warmth as she was after moving here. This prompted her to want to give back by running in the 2018 election. Being successful in getting on Council allows her to work hard for this incredible place and its people.

    Just prior to the election in 2018, she was appointed as a director for Family Dynamix. After being elected, Council appointed her to the Lake Windermere Ambassadors and the Imagine Invermere Committee. All of these groups make important contributions to the District of Invermere and she looks forward to working with them.

    We have an amazing community and Ute is proud to have the opportunity to serve the people of Invermere.

  • Susan Clovechok

    Susan Clovechok

    Susan Clovechok is the Area F Electoral Director for the RDEK, elected in 2018. Previous to being elected Susan was the Executive Director of the Columbia Valley Chamber of Commerce for 8 years and lives near Dutch Creek south of Lake Windermere. Director Clovechok acts as an adviser and resource to the Lake Windermere Ambassadors and appreciates the important role of Lake Windermere and the Columbia River in the Columbia Valley’s socio-economic environment.

  • Shannon McGinty

    Shannon McGinty

    Originally from Ontario, Shannon has been in the valley since January 2018 and is the Program Coordinator for LWA. She previously worked in a variety of fields from recreation to youth outreach, but has a passion for water stewardship. Her education background is a Bachelor of Science at the University of Northern British Columbia. Shannon enjoys mountain biking, rock climbing, skiing and snowboarding in her spare time.