• Paul Christy

    Paul Christy

    Paul Christy is the President of the Lake Windermere Ambassadors. Paul is also a long-term resident of the Columbia Valley and a local business owner. An avid biker and a father of two young boys, Paul spends a lot of time outside, exploring the scenery of the Lake Windermere watershed.

  • Cody Hollick

    Cody Hollick

    Cody Hollick is the Treasurer of Lake Windermere Ambassadors. He is passionate about Lake Windermere, watershed health and community vitality. Cody is also a musician and you can find him playing at Safta’s open mic on Sunday nights.

  • Taoya Shaefer

    Taoya Shaefer

    Taoya is retired after working for 25 years as a physiotherapist. She has lived in the Lake Windermere watershed since the 1980s and appreciates the area’s natural beauty and abundance of outdoor recreation opportunities. Among the outdoor pursuits she enjoys are mountain-biking, backpacking, skiing, kayaking, canoeing and sailing with her husband and two sons.

    Taoya especially strives to represent the interests of people who appreciate non-motorized uses of the lake. “I hope that through working with the Ambassadors, I will be able to contribute to a healthier Lake Windermere.”

  • Carole Ruault

    Carole Ruault

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  • Katie Watt

    Katie Watt

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  • Shawn Ridsdale

    Shawn Ridsdale

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  • Max Fanderl

    Max Fanderl

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  • Al Miller

    Al Miller

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  • Wendy Booth

    Wendy Booth

    Wendy Booth is the Area F Electoral Director for the RDEK, first elected in 2008, 2011 and 2014. In addition she has been a Director on the Board of the Columbia Basin Trust since 2012.

    “Acting as an advisor and resource to the Lake Windermere Ambassadors is a role that I really enjoy. Formally an owner of a white water rafting company, its no secret that the rivers and lakes in the Upper Columbia River area are an important asset to all those that enjoy the water. While no longer rafting, I enjoy being out on the water in my kayak or paddle board whenever possible.”

  • Thea Rodgers

    Thea Rodgers

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  • 2018 Summer Student

    2018 Summer Student

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