Posted By: Megan Peloso

Living Waters Rally and Watersheds 2016 – Vancouver, BC

LWA Program Coordinator, Megan Peloso, attended a recent forum in Vancouver to learn more about changes and opportunities in BC water governance and freshwater protection.

To share what she heard with the rest of the Lake Windermere community, Megan is writing a 3-part series in the Columbia Valley Pioneer based on some of the most thought-provoking themes that wove through the forum. Follow along in her brainstorming as she tries to pool the larger BC water topics into the Columbia Basin.

The second article in the 3-part series has been published in the November 11th Issue of the Columbia Valley Pioneer. See the original published article here: Responding to Climate Change in Our Local Waters – November 2016. Thank you to the team at Columbia Valley Pioneer for your continued commitment to sharing our Watershed Wanderings column with your readership.