Posted By: Thea Rodgers

Since the adoption of the Lake Windermere Management Plan (LWMP) by the Regional District of East Kootenay and District of Invermere more than six years ago, the many recommendations included in this plan have been steadily advancing towards implementation.

The LWMP is a plan that helps guide government decision-making, water quality monitoring, and public engagement programs within the Lake Windermere watershed.

The goals of adopting recommendations from the LWMP are to help guide local lake management protocols, and help ensure a sustainable future for Lake Windermere.

To highlight the progression of how our local governments and Lake Management Committee have been implementing the recommendations from the LWMP, the Lake Windermere Ambassadors have prepared a 5-year summary in the form of a Report Card.

The Report Card helps clarify the plan’s objectives, highlights significant progresses made to date, and areas of the LWMP that still need improvement. This is intended to help focus the efforts of the Lake Management Committee, and to provide feedback to the RDEK and the DOI about the current status of the LWMP: what areas have been implemented so far, and what areas of the plan still need work?

Members of the general public who are interested in the current status of lake management will also benefit from a read-through of the Report Card.  A significant part of being a local resident, second homeowner, or recurring visitor means understanding what’s going on with the local management of your waters.  A survey at the end of the Report Card provides you the opportunity to share your feedback directly with the Lake Management Committee and two local governments.

As many of us know, receiving feedback about how you are progressing on an objective can be extremely helpful.  It helps you to focus on areas that need improvement, while reassuring you that you’re doing well in other areas.  The Report Card, in its current state, gives local lake management a “B” average based on the individual plan recommendation areas.  We would appreciate your feedback about this grading

The Lake Windermere Ambassadors are hoping to increase the public’s awareness of the Lake Windermere Management Plan through the release of this Report Card.  A short two-pager summary is being distributed in and around the Invermere area for quick perusal, while the full report with survey attached can be found online, at:

The Ambassadors are also holding an information session on the morning of Saturday, November 25th to provide more information about the LWMP and the activities of the Lake Management Committee over the past six years. Drop-in to the info session between 9:30 AM – 12:00 PM, at the LWA office located next to BC Services (625 4th Street).