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Catch the Freeze 2017!

Every year, the Lake Windermere Ambassadors host a “Catch the Freeze” contest to get people excited about the changing season on the lake.  Guesses are tallied, and whoever guesses the correct date that the lake freezes over will win a prize!

Water Data Hub

Living Lakes Canada is hosting an open-source water data dialogue in Invermere, from November 29-30. For more information, please visit:


Past Events:

Green Shores for Lake Windermere

Green Shores for Homes is a program of the Stewardship Centre for BC that promotes and guides homeowners to restore more naturalized shorelines along their waterfront property.

On Wednesday Sept. 27th 2017, DG Blair the Executive Director of the Stewardship Centre for BC attended and hosted the preliminary “barriers and breakthroughs” discussion workshop in Invermere, BC. Attendees gave valuable feedback about future implementation of the Green Shores for Homes program on Lake Windermere and contributed to ideas for how to make the program more widely adopted and successful in our region.


CONFLUENCE: Flow together for a night about water

On March 21st 2017, the Lake Windermere Ambassadors hosted an evening dialogue, featuring talks by Martin Carver and past program coordinator Megan Peloso, as part of Canada Water Week celebrations. Canada Water Week parallels the first week of spring, when streams and rivers are once again super-charged with melted snow and ice, called the “freshet”.

This event featured Martin Carver presenting the new CBT Report: Water Monitoring and Climate Change in the Upper Columbia Basin, and Megan Peloso presenting summary results of the last season’s sampling on Lake Windermere. This event also featured the launch of the Ambassadors’ new video, aimed at promoting the activity of the Ambassadors and encouraging viewers to take action on stewardship in their watershed. You can watch this video on our homepage!


No Litter Left Behind in Shoreline Cleanup


On Saturday, September 20th 2016,  a group of dedicated local residents set out on a mission to scour the water’s edge at Kinsmen Beach and James Chabot Provincial Park for litter of all shapes and sizes.  Due to their proximity to flowing waterways, shorelines are particularly vulnerable to harmful effects of litter, which can alter sensitive ecosystem functions and critical habitat for both land-based and aquatic wildlife. Protecting, restoring and enhancing the quality of the shoreline to improve ecosystem functioning is an important objective set out in the Lake Windermere Management Plan. Lake Windermere is also a source for drinking water, and what goes into the lake has direct implications for human health and safety.


Shoreline Stewards - Invermere's Kinsmen shoreline is free of debris thanks to local volunteers who took part in the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup September 20th. The bi-annual clean-up organized by Lake Windermere Ambassadors as part of the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup, a conservation initiative of the Vancouver Aquarium and WWF and the largest direct action conservation program in Canada. Tens of thousands of Canadians band together every September to fight shoreline litter by recording what types of litter are found and taking informed action to prevent pollution at its source. Most of the litter items found each year fall into the category of recreational activities, created by outdoor events like picnics and festivals where things like food wrappers, plastic bags and beverage containers are left behind, forgotten or blown away in the wind. For information on shoreline cleanups happening across Canada, check out


The image to the right captures volunteers collecting data on the number of types of litter removed from Kinsmen Beach. In a single morning, thanks to an awesome crew, our local shorelines were relieved of many harmful litter items, such as small stray pieces of glass, over 50 cans, and more than 400 cigarette butts!  Volunteers also found some unusual items like metal pipe, nail clippers, a glittery hat, and fishing line.

A big thank you goes out to Tim Hortons in Invermere for their generous donation of delicious sandwiches and Timbits to reward and re-fuel our fantastic team!

For additional information, or to find out how you can support the work of Lake Windermere Ambassadors, please e-mail us at or call the office at (250) 341-6898.




Lake Windermere Summer Splash: August 10th

Thanks to the Columbia Basin Trust and BC Parks Foundation for supporting this fun, free community event! The Summer Splash was a huge success, bringing members of the community together in celebration of our wonderful Lake.

The annual Lake Windermere Summer Splash (formerly known as the Regatta) celebrates Lake Windermere and the people who care about it. With a theme of “Lake Fun, Lake Friends and Lake Smarts”, the event celebrates reasons to love the lake through beach and water competitions, and then teaches people how to protect the lake with lake stewardship education activities.

Summer Splash activities have included a sailboat race, swimming races, watershed sand art, sailing and kayaking races, beach volleyball and the increasingly popular sport of stand-up paddleboarding (SUP).  Come on down to the Summer Splash and you’ll also get to enjoy “Edu-tainment”  with “fishing for facts,” “how dirty is my water?,” “lake trivia”, and a “find the invasive mussels” activity.