The Board of Directors of the Lake Windermere Ambassadors Society has been designated the Lake Management Committee (LMC) by two local governments.

Roles of the LMC

MarinaThe LMC provides commentary regarding proposed zoning alterations or applications for changes to the foreshore environment surrounding lake Windermere.

These comments are advisory and non-regulatory in nature, but are significant in that they come from the only community-based, non-governmental review panel for these types of development referrals.

The LMC also provides public education to the community about the Lake Windermere Management Plan, and specific recommendations included within: including safe and responsible boating practices, zoning regulations, and lake health.

The LMC is working closely with the District of Invermere (DOI) and the Regional District of East Kootenay (RDEK) to provide information to people who live and recreate in and around Lake Windermere.

Current Projects:

  • Lake Management Report Card

The LMC recently released a 5-year update to evaluate local lake management in the form of a Report Card.

This Report Card evaluates the current progress of the LMC, the District of Invermere, and Regional District of East Kootenay in terms of how well we’re jointly working to manage the lake and implement recommendations from the management plan.

Areas that the LMC can improve on were identified: improved communication about boating safety, mooring buoy regulations, and requesting improved access to the east side of the lake for public use.

  • Safe Boating Education and Outreach

The LMC recently purchased and helped install 3 information buoys at the mouth of Taynton Bay to inform boaters about the existing recommended “Slow, No Wake” zone in this area.  These buoys are meant as an educational and communication tool to promote boating safety and Management Plan awareness. The buoys are not meant to be seen as a “keep out” sign, but rather as a reminder to “please slow down and be careful in this area”.

  • Improved Public Signage

The LMC are designing and installing a public map at the Athalmer boat launch, to improve boater knowledge and awareness of natural features and hazards surrounding the lake. The sign will also communicate responsible boating practices.


Protecting the Lake’s Edge: Government Regulations

The DOI and RDEK have used the Lake Windermere Management Plan as a guide for developing some new regulations. The regulations are put in place to better protect wildlife and lake health — and therefore protect our investments and quality of life!

Document Title File Type Size Action
Development Permit Area pdf N/A Download
Surface Water Zoning pdf N/A Download
What would be regulated? Red and Orange shorelines (under RDEK jurisdiction only) pdf N/A Download

natural shorelineShorelines are the narrow strips of land located along water bodies. These transition zones where land and water meet each other create unique, and often highly productive, ecosystems. Some call them “corridors of blue and green, with a value of gold” because they are so important to our economy.