Shoreline Restoration

In 2012 and 2013 the Ambassadors developed and implemented a lake shoreline restoration project on Kinsmen Beach, Invermere.

Our learning during this project can be applied by landowners or stewardship groups planning to undertake a lake shoreline restoration project of their own. A complete report is available HERE.

The Kinsmen Beach Restoration Project, aimed to prevent erosion, restore native riparian habitat for fish and wildlife, increase recreational opportunities for fishing and wildlife viewing, and provide environmental education opportunities to shoreline property owners and others who visit Lake Windermere’s busiest community beach.

Methods used in conducting this project included creation of a rip-rap structure to stabilize eroding shoreline, planting native plants in a disturbed section of beach, and adding more native species to a section of shoreline restored in 2012. Public education was central to the project and was achieved by talking to the public during the restoration works, talking to the public at an educational booth near the shoreline, and installing an interpretive sign.

The most successful part of this project was adding live willow stakes to the shoreline, which thrived over the summer. The drought-tolerant plants added to the upper riparian area and above the rip-rap structure had lower success rates.

Although it will take several years for the riparian plants to establish along this section of restored shoreline, the long-term benefit of the project will be to improve habitat for fish and wildlife on Lake Windermere.

Lake Windermere Restoration

Want to Restore Your Shore?
If you would like details about what we learned during this project, please contact Kirsten at: (250) 341-6898