Anna’s Magical Frozen Tour
Anna’s Magical Frozen Tour

Anna’s Magical Frozen Tour

Snowflake Festival 2016 IMG_2802January 22nd 2016 ~ Lucky for a group of eager young onlookers, the cool winds and slushy conditions of the lake surface could not deter Princess Anna of Arendelle from her visit to Lake Windermere. So dedicated was she to the magical tour of the frozen lake, she donned her heartiest rubber boots and her warmest purple cape in the shelter of a warming hut by the bonspiel sheets, while 12 wide-eyed children flocked around her to absorb stories of the fascinating travels of water in winter, and tales of frogs overwintering by burying in the muddy lake bottom.

It turned out that what might seem to be the work of magic (or her sister Elsa): Intricate patterns of snow crystals making each individual snowflake magnificently unique, was actually an age-old trick! Water molecules group in sixes, forming the hexagonal shapes we call snowflakes.

So inspired was she by the Tastes of the Valley, Anna handmade an edible model the frozen lake, from ice surface (light blue jello) to substrate (oreo cookie crust), complete with gummy-worms and candy rocks! By the time curiosity was sufficiently satiated (Anna, what’s your favourite season? Are Olaf and Sven coming?) and “Let it Go” was sung, the Snowflake Festival was revving up with local vendors and musicians at Kinsmen Beach.

We bid the youngsters goodbye and reminded them to be careful on the slippery surface of the lake – and to remember – aquatic macrophyte are two big words you can bring home and share, sure to impress all of your friends with the magical power of your fresh new water knowledge.

A recipe for Anna’s Edible Frozen Lake can be found below, for those who are brave enough to try this delicious treat with their family at home!

Thank you to Kalista and The Pruden Family for your generosity and enthusiasm.




Recipe: Frozen Lake Dessert

Gummy worms/bugs
Gummy fish
Green shoelace candy
Chocolate rocks
Oreo crumb crust mix
Box of Knox gelatine packets
Flavour extract (vanilla is nice)
Blue Jello
Boiling water
Ice cubes
Whipping cream (optional)

– follow instructions on box to mix Oreo crumb pie crust; set aside (this is the substrate)
– place gummy worms, frogs and chocolate rocks strategically in the bottom of a clear glass container
– pour Oreo crust mix over top and press into bottom of pan (be sure the frogs’ noses stick out to breath)
– break green shoelace candy into various short lengths and “plant” in Oreo substrate, these represent aquatic macrophytes (plants), which are mostly dormant during winter
– place a couple more worms and rocks on top of the Oreo substrate
– place “lake” container in the freezer to cool
– mix clear jello using Knox gelatine (follow Knox instructions), sugar, flavour extract of your choice and water; mix a bit less water to gelatine than called for to make it stiffer; use ice cubes instead of cold water to make the gelatine set faster (remove any that have not melted when finished mixing).
– once the clear jello mix has reached the consistency of being thick but not firm (still pourable), gently pour into glass container on top of Oreo substrate (this is the water)
– place gummy fish at various depths around the “lake” in the clear jello
– place “lake” container in fridge and let set until clear jello is firm
– mix blue Jello and pour a layer on top, then let set in fridge (this is the ice)
– if you wish to add snow on top, whipping cream is a good option

– Kalista

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