Bank Swallows Return to Lake Windermere
Bank Swallows Return to Lake Windermere

Bank Swallows Return to Lake Windermere

As the weather warms up, the lake’s summer residents begin to return, including the Bank swallow.

Bank swallows are facing one of the fastest population declines with 98% population loss in Canada over the past 40 years. Bank swallow colonies can be found right here on Windermere lake! In fact, the area from Canal Flats to Edgewater has been shown in the 2020, the Columbia Valley Swallow Project to have 96 active bank swallow colonies. Our area provides the perfect habitat for them! Banks soft enough to borrow in but still hard enough to hold shape.

Want to spot bank swallows? Keep an eye out for a small bird with brown on top and white underneath. Their distinguishing factor is a brown necklace. You can read a more detailed description and listen to their song here




Last week Windermere Lake Ambassadors joined efforts with BC Parks and Wildsight Gloden to put protective fencing around their fragile breeding habitat. We can all play our part in keeping these little guys safe, keep your kids and furry friends away from sandy banks that they may be nesting in.

Photo credits: Rachel Darvill

You can also donate to Windermere Lake Ambassadors to support our monitoring and protection efforts.

When you are out on the lake this summer, keep an eye out for these adorable birds!


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