Lake Windermere Ambassadors
Water Monitoring

Water Monitoring

Water Quality

The Lake Windermere Ambassadors began monitoring water quality on Lake Windermere in the spring of 2011. This work served as the continuation of monitoring initiated by the Lake Windermere Project in 2005. Monitoring Lake Windermere’s water quality can only be completed with the help of community volunteers. During a day on the lake, these volunteers learn about water quality testing techniques and the current ecological status of the lake. Learn about how we get these results in the field by watching the videos below.

Water Quantity

We have been monitoring water quantity data on Windermere Creek since 2015, and have been working to expand the program to develop a greater understanding of how much water moves through the system. Our current methodology includes using the Velocity-Head Rod method, in combination with a Water Data Logger. 

Species Monitoring

Our Annual Monitoring Program allows us to monitor for:

  • Aquatic Macro Invertebrates (monthly eDNA and annual CABiN)
  • Waterfowl (annual land and water surveys)
  • Aquatic Plants (presence of native plants, and absence of invasive plants)

We have done additional preliminary work to study the fish populations in Lake Windermere, and hope to continue this work to develop a more comprehensive understanding in the future.

Click to visit the Columbia Basin Water Hub to view ours and others monitoring data