Free Kids Summer Camps
Free Kids Summer Camps

Free Kids Summer Camps


Each themed lesson has activities and games that will teach kids about Lake Windermere, those that depend on the lake and the importance of water stewardship.

July 8th – Birds in our Sky

The Lake Windermere area is a very important bird habitat and has a large diversity of bird species. Kids will learn about the different species they’re likely to see around the lake, how to identify them and why they’re important. 

July 17th – Aliens in the Lake

Kids will learn about what an invasive species is, how they impact their environments and what their introduction means for native species. This camp will be in collaboration with the East Kootenay Invasive Species Council.

July 31st – Our Watershed

Water takes on a large journey before reaching Lake Windermere, most of it, relatively unseen. In this camp, kids will learn about where water comes from and the different obstacles it has to get through to get to the lake.

August 14th – Water: The Trip before the Tap

When we turn on our taps, fresh clean water comes out, but where does it come from? Kids will learn about what the process is to get the freshwater from our water sources, the treatment it goes through and how it eventually gets to our homes.

August 28th – Life in a Drop of Water

A water droplet may seem quite small, but there are tons of microscopic bacteria living in that tiny, little drop. Kids will learn about what the different types of bacteria are and why they’re important to the health of the lake.

Due to COVID-19 we are adding in extra precautions to our summer camps to keep you, your kids and our leaders safe! Some of these measures include limiting camp size, diligently sanitizing, no sharing of equipment between kids during activities and having games that maintain a 6ft distance.

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