Lake Windermere Ambassadors
Green shores For Homes Workshop 2022

Green shores For Homes Workshop 2022

9am – 4pm Septemner 17th, 2022.

In-person,  Invermere, BC

Lake Windermere Ambassadors is partnering with The Stewardship Center for BC to bring a Free Green Shores for Homes Level 1 Workshop to Lake Windermere homeowners, Stakeholders, developers, and government officials. This workshop introduces basic shoreline ecosystem principles and shoreline management practices, The program will emphasize how homeowners can apply the Green Shores approach to protect their own properties from erosion while also benefiting their healthy shoreline habitats.

Green Shores for Homes (GSH) is a voluntary, incentive-based rating program focused on positive steps to reduce the impact of residential development on shoreline ecosystems. GSH helps waterfront homeowners restore natural shorelines and enjoy the many recreational, scenic, environmental, and shoreline protection benefits they bring.

The Lake Windermere GreenShores for Homes Level 1 Workshop, is an in-person workshop on Saturday September 17th, 2022. There is only enough room for 20 participants, therefor we require those looking to register to email us stating; who they are, what their relationship is to the lake and why they are interested in the GSH Workshop. Application deadline is August 12th. 

If you are looking for more information email us at

What is a Green Shore and why are they important?

Green Shores for Homes Program is based on the four guiding principles:

  1. Preserve or restore physical processes—the natural actions of water and sediment movement that maintain healthy shorelines.
  2. Maintain or enhance habitat function and diversity along the shoreline.
  3. Prevent or reduce pollutants entering the aquatic environment.
  4. Avoid or reduce cumulative impacts—small individual effects that add up to large impacts on shoreline environments.

Why are shorelines important?  

  • 90% of all lake and river life starts on shorelines. Shorelines are the beating heart to a healthy water system 
  • 57% of lake Windermere’s shoreline is disturbed 
  • 35% increase in the number of docks on lake Windermere since 2006 
  • 100% increase in the length of Lake Windermere’s shoreline taken up by retaining walls from 3,504m to 7,215m.  

What does greening your shoreline mean? 

Restoring your shoreline to a more natural ecological state. 

How does it benefit the waterfront owner? 

  • Reduces the risk of Environmental damage  
  • Financial incentives  
  • Beautifies shorelines 
  • Increases resiliency  
  • Community stewardship

How does it benefit the ecosystem? 

  • Restores shoreline habitat  
  • Restores physical and biological cycles  
  • Prevents and reduces pollution  
  • Creates ecological resiliency

Green Shores Training Program: Level 1 Workshop

Learning objectives

By the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Explain the value of shoreline ecosystems and the physical processes that contribute to shoreline formation
  • Summarize the impacts of human activity, invasive species, and climate change on shorelines
  • Identify examples of shoreline improvements
  • Outline responsibilities with respect to shoreline management
  • Explain the benefits of the Green Shores program
  • List the Green Shores application requirements and credit categories
  • Outline the steps and responsibilities involved in implementing a Green Shores project by both the homeowner and a professional
  • Identify Green Shores credits that a project is likely to qualify for


This workshop is held in Invermere, for the classroom portion in the morning it will be at the lake Windermere Ambassadors Office, and In the afternoon during the field portion it will be at a field location.