Happy New Years Eve!
Happy New Years Eve!

Happy New Years Eve!

In 2014, we donned waders and made waves, working hard to protect our local Headwaters through educational workshops, public outreach and citizen science.
– Another successful Summer Splash to celebrate the Lake as a community gathering place and resource!
– Over 150 visitors were captivated by our Lake trivia and watershed model at our Kinsmen Beach booth
15 volunteers joined us on the Lake through our interactive citizen science monitoring program
– We published 12 Lake Windermere ‘Pulse Checks’ and 16 timely educational articles in local newspapers
– Residents relieved local shoreline habitats of litter through the Great Canadian Shoreline Clean-upShoreline Stewards! Invermere's shorelines are free of debris thanks to local volunteers who took part in the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup September 20th
– With the help of David Thompson Secondary School, we painted stormwater drains with Yellow Fish to raise awareness about preventing contaminants from entering our Lake through run-off
– We organized watershed tours in the Columbia Headwaters Watershed

…and more!

Lake Windermere Ambassadors Society is a charitable organization and our programs are community-driven. Become a member to help steer water quality monitoring, educational initiatives and lake stewardship activities for our community.IMG_2263

Donate here to help ensure that Lake Windermere remains healthy and safe for our community to enjoy for years to come. 

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Renew my membership for 2015!
– Participate in your community
– Share input into our programs
– Receive news on upcoming events
– Vote on our Board and attend AGM
– Help support a responsible lake-based recreation ethic in the Columbia Headwaters for years to come.

With sincere gratitude,

Lake Windermere Ambassadors Society

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