Join the Watershed Tour! October 9th
Join the Watershed Tour! October 9th

Join the Watershed Tour! October 9th

Fall colours will be at their finest during the October 9th Upper Columbia Watershed Tour. The Tour will be a great opportunity to see what makes this a great place, while talking with your neighbours about what our watershed needs, what we can do, and how we can get there.

During the tour, you will have the chance to learn about:
* the origin of the Columbia River
* management and protection of Invermere’s water sources
* landslide impacts on Fairmont’s streams and water supply
* how farmers are impacted by what happens upstream, and what they can to do protect water downstream
* fish in our watershed
* glaciers – at the top of our watershed

This trip will be the opportunity for participants to discuss how they would like to continue the conversation about watershed protection, following examples such as citizen groups in the Lower Mainland, Vancouver Island and Okanagan.

Most importantly — this will be an opportunity to come out and meet some new people while seeing what makes the Upper Columbia Watershed a beautiful place!

Call now to reserve your spot: (250) 341-6898


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