Lake Windermere ~ Pulse Check
Lake Windermere ~ Pulse Check

Lake Windermere ~ Pulse Check


June 23 2015 – Water Sampling Data – Lake Windermere

Avg. water temp: 19°C
Avg. site depth: 4.3m
Avg. pH: 7.9
Avg. D.O: 10
Avg. turbidity: 1.36 NTU
Avg. conductivity: 197.65 µs/cm

Volunteer of the Week: Michael Peloso from Ottawa, ON.

Weekly lake monitoring has begun again on Lake Windermere! Today started out bright and sunny, but stormy winds brewing from the North encouraged us to be efficient in our technique. Recent rain and snowmelt events have brought water levels up – the deepest reading taken was 6.7m (22 ft) adjacent from Timber Ridge. Michael Peloso came all the way from Ottawa to visit his daughter and was interested in touring the lake that drew her to Invermere. He found it remarkable how shallow the lake was in places, and recognized that water quality in the lake would be much more vulnerable if it weren’t for a dynamic wetland and river system. “To be as clean as our sample reads, this lake must work hard to flush and filter…Good thing it’s a river!” Proud daughter moment. (Happy Father’s Day!)

June 23 2015 Mike Peloso 3

Identifying aquatic plants!
Spotted: Stonewart chara, floating leaf pondweed, elodea pondweed and water milfoil

Mike Peloso 7 photo


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