Lake Windermere ~ Pulse Check
Lake Windermere ~ Pulse Check

Lake Windermere ~ Pulse Check

July 7 2015 – Water Sampling Data – Lake Windermere

Avg. water temp: 22°C
Avg. site depth: 3.0m
Avg. pH: 8.2
Avg. D.O: 8.7
Avg. turbidity: 0.91 NTU
Avg. conductivity: 197.5 µs/cm

Volunteer of the Week: Gavin Jacobs from Invermere, BC.

An early morning grey sky quickly cleared into a beautiful bluebird day. Testing results point to a very happy and healthy lake, if a bit warm. The lake temperature at the Timber Ridge station was 22.8 degrees on the top and 22.5 degrees at the bottom. Trout begin to feel stressed at 21 degrees, and will stop feeding as actively. They will tend to try to find a colder stream or deeper spot to hang out in. Unfortunately the lower reading at Timber Ridge is the deepest in the lake at 6.4m. Fishermen may have more luck with bass this summer. Said volunteer of the week, Gavin Jacobs: “There’s always something new to see on the lake”. Lake Windermere’s pulse is taken every Tuesday morning – if you’re interested in joining us on the boat, email Kids are welcome!

July 7 Gavin Jacobs_2

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