Lake Windermere ~ Pulse Check
Lake Windermere ~ Pulse Check

Lake Windermere ~ Pulse Check

August 25 2015 – Water Sampling Data – Lake Windermere

Avg. water temp: 18°C
Avg. site depth: 3.7 m
Avg. pH: 7.9
Avg. D.O: 8 mg/L
Avg. turbidity: 1.21 NTU
Avg. conductivity: 224.4 µs/cm

Volunteer of the Week: Buzz Harmsworth, Invermere, BC

“It’s a lot more than what we used to do,” said Buzz Harmsworth on our lake monitoring trip on August 25th. As a Conservation Officer based out of Invermere from 1965 to ’98, Buzz did his share of water sampling. Still, it had been several years since he toured around the lake, and upon closer look he declared “the lake is changing, natural or not”. Although a red sun and smoky cover hovered over us – remnants of wildfires blazing outside of the valley – visibility was fairly intact. In comparison, water was clear and surface conditions calm. Our highest turbidity reading was 1.66 NTU at the South Station, well within the objective of 5 NTU (set to protect recreational water quality and aquatic life). Thank you once again to Gavin Jacobs for navigating!

Monitoring continues into September every Tuesday morning. Sign up to join us on the lake – email or call us at 250-341-6898.

The Pulse Check is a weekly feature in the Invermere Valley Echo newspaper from May to September. Thank you to the team at the Echo for your continued support in sharing this information with the public.Aug 25 Buzz Harmsworth

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