Lake Windermere ~ Pulse Check
Lake Windermere ~ Pulse Check

Lake Windermere ~ Pulse Check

June 30 2015 – Water Sampling Data – Lake Windermere

Avg. water temp: 21.9°C
Avg. site depth: 4.4m
Avg. pH: 8.2
Avg. D.O: 8.8
Avg. turbidity: 1.13 NTU
Avg. conductivity: 186.8 µs/cm

Volunteer of the Week: Shelley Shoemaker from Invermere, BC.

Sampling protocol went smoothly the morning of June 30; the lake was calm and glassy with not a cloud in the sky. We spotted many birds along the way including osprey and a loon. Turbidity tests determined the water to be very clear – the Secchi disk could be observed as deep as 21 feet. When asked for feedback about her experience as a citizen scientist in the Ambassadors program, Invermere resident and volunteer of the week Shelly Shoemaker reported that “water monitoring reveals water’s hidden messages”. If you too would like to uncover the unseen in our water, consider volunteering with the Lake Ambassadors water monitoring team. We go out every Tuesday morning during the summer from Athalmer and can take up to two passengers!

Shelley Shoemaker June 30 2015

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