LakeKeepers Workshop
LakeKeepers Workshop

LakeKeepers Workshop

Are you interested in learning more about our lakes and how to take care of them?
The Ambassadors are partnering with BCLSS to host a LakeKeepers Workshop in our community!


The Nitty Gritty

This chance to become a LakeKeeper, and steward for the lake is an exciting opportunity to connect with Lake Windermere, and the other lakes in our region. This is a free workshop, however you must register by September 30th to reserve your spot as spaces are limited. The workshop will be two days, October 19th and 20th, starting with a classroom (9am to 4pm) session hosted at Pynelogs Cultural Centre and the second day heading out on a field trip to Premiere Lake (10am to 2pm) to get some hands on training! Lunches and snacks will be provided.

About BCLSS and LakeKeepers

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Since 2009, the BCLSS has offered LakeKeepers workshops that provide training and support as it relates to lake stewardship with an emphasis on lake water quality monitoring and aquatic plant surveying.
Course participants will gain a greater understanding of lake management, which will translate to an increased ability to take care of their lakes through better knowledge of watershed and land-use impacts, lake ecology, and limnology (the study of freshwater).
This course will be facilitated by Norm Zirnhelt. Norm is a biologist and was head of monitoring and impact assessment for the Ministry of Environment for over 20 years before starting an environmental consulting firm in 2010. Norm started working with volunteer lake stewards in 1982 on Dragon Lake and while at MOE he oversaw a Volunteer Lake Management Plan of over 25 lakes in the Cariboo. Norm’s dedication to volunteer stewardship is evident by his work with the BCLSS – over 10 years as President.

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