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Public Access

Public Access

Thanks for your interest in Public Access on Lake Windermere! Below is a map outlining the public access sites and their availability within our Adopt a Beach Program. While all sites are currently available for public use, the sites indicated with a green marker are ready to be adopted. If you are interested in adopting a site or joining our Public Access Committee complete the form below the map.

Adopt a Beach Program

Why Adopt a Beach?

There are a (perhaps surprising) 22 public access sites around Lake Windermere. Unfortunately, not all of them are that publicly accessible! Many sites are really overgrown, and most are pretty tricky to spot and pretty much unknown to the public: that’s where you come in!

What is Adopting a Beach?

  • First, you’ll purchase a signage package from the Lake Windermere Ambassadors for $175 (we know, signs are expensive)
  • Then you can attend a site visit with the Ministry of Transport and Lake Windermere Ambassadors prior to installing sign(s)
  • Next it’s time to clean up garbage and overgrown vegetation to create a naturally welcoming environment
  • As a beach adopter, you can check in on your beach occasionally to monitor waste, vandalism, or damage that need to be addressed

Adopting a Beach would be a perfect activity for families or community organizations: it makes the lake better for everyone, provides a great way to give something back and lets you connect with the environment. It would be a wonderful way to teach kids about being responsible and engaged citizens: you work a bit and are rewarded with a lovely beach you can use all year!

Public Access