Registration for Kids Camps 2023 Now Open!
Registration for Kids Camps 2023 Now Open!

Registration for Kids Camps 2023 Now Open!

The Lake Windermere Ambassadors and Columbia Lake Stewardship Society are excited to be once again offering FREE summer camps for kids ages 6 to 10. The camps will happen on Thursday mornings at James Chabot Beach in Invermere on Lake Windermere, and at Tilley Beach in Canal Flats on Columbia Lake. All camps will run from 9:00am to 12:00 pm (3 hours). We will be covering all sorts of topics about the lake, watershed, and all of the wildlife that depends on them. While educational in nature, all the camps will be based around fun interactive games and activities.
(Link to registration form at the bottom of the page)

Please note:
-because camps fill up quickly, registering does not guarantee a spot: we will send an email to confirm camp enrollment. With the high volume of people interested we will only be allowing each child to participate in a total of 2 camp dates. 
-It may take us several business days to send you an email indicating that your spot has been confirmed or if you have been added to the waitlist. We appreciate your patience.

-Please register a minimum of 14 days in advance for the camp(s) you select. You may not be enrolled if you register too close to the camp date.

Each week has a different topic:

July 6th | Wild Wetlands (James Chabot Provincial Park, Invermere BC)
The Columbia Wetlands are one of the largest in North America, being 180km long! They are an incredibly rich and biodiverse ecosystem. In this camp kids will learn what wetlands are, why they’re so important, and how to identify some of the species that live in the Columbia Wetlands.

July 13th | Aliens in our lake (Tilley Memorial Park, Canal Flats)
Kids will learn about what an invasive species is, how they impact their environments and what their introduction means for native species. After this camp kids will be plant identification experts.

July 20th | A Bug’s Life (James Chabot Provincial Park, Invermere BC)Bugs are often the forgotten heroes of ecosystems. Kids will look at some aquatic bug species found in our lake as well as discover their importance.
August 3rd | Junior Ambassadors (James Chabot Provincial Park, Invermere BC)
Kids will become Junior Ambassadors for the day where our leaders will teach them about our water sampling and why it is important. The kids will be given an opportunity for some hands on experience.

August 10th | Our Wonderful Watershed (James Chabot Provincial Park, Invermere BC)
Kids will learn about the watershed, water cycle and why it is important/significant to them. They will learn where the water comes from, how we use it, and where it will end up.

August 24th | Fishing for Fun and The Fishermen (Tilley Memorial Park, Canal Flats)Kids will learn about the different fish in the lakes, like the Kokanee Salmon, who spawn in nearby creeks. 


    1. Pam Saunders

      Thank you for contacting us about our kids summer camp for 2024. We haven’t release the registration yet as we are still working out the details. Keep you eye on our website and social media for its release!

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