Two Minutes for Lake Health
Two Minutes for Lake Health

Two Minutes for Lake Health

The Lake Windermere Ambassadors are hoping to gain insight into the feelings of the community and visitors on the recreational use of Lake Windermere. 

Please fill out our short community survey here – Two Minutes for Lake Health


  1. Pat Morrow

    Lake Windermere’s elevated levels of arsenic, copper, lead content and phosphorus (fertilizer runoff from golf courses, lawns and gardens) and lest we forget, the “presence of potentially toxic phytoplankton cyanobacteria at Kinsmen Beach” needs to be addressed.

  2. Kalista Pruden

    We avoid the lake in the summer months and choose other smaller backcountry lakes for recreation because it’s too busy. There are too many noisy boats and motorized vessels, and the beaches are always crowded. We do enjoy using the lake in the fall and spring because it’s quiet.

    We also enjoy skiing and skating on the lake in the winter, although the amount of dog poo and garbage being left on the lake due to increased winter recreation is disheartening. It’s also harder to find quiet places to get some alone time on the lake in winter now too.

    I’ve been a local since 2004 and the amount of recreational traffic on the lake has increased dramatically over the time I’ve been here. I also used to be a program coordinator for the Lake Windermere Project and helped create the LWA. the Ambassadors are going to have an increasingly important responsibility for governing this resource, and I can foresee historically identified challenges becoming more challenging in the near future, especially with the explosion of development and growth in the communities surrounding the lake over the past 3 years.

    The lake and the community is starting to lose its lustre for me.

  3. Jamie Gillies

    We feel strongly that there are far too many big boats on our lake. Their size, speed, and the excessive noise pollution they create (mostly terrible music, way too loud) are a sad blight on this beautiful lake of ours. The large wakes make it tough for the SUP’s and kayaks that would also love to be out on Lake Windermere . The by-product of those huge boats is hugely disruptive to both the people of our valley and the local wildlife. The shoreline is taking a beating and the water is often just a churned up mess of muck and weeds. This lake is too shallow to not have some regulation if it is to survive for future generations. We are fortunate to have a great view of the lake from our house and so are well aware of the growing number of boats that rip around out there summer after summer. Thank you for addressing this growing problem … the time to act is now.

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