Thank you Trethewey Beach Society!
Thank you Trethewey Beach Society!

Thank you Trethewey Beach Society!

New Monitors for the Lake Monitors:
Trethewey Beach Society Comes Through!TBS Donation for Pioneer3

Blain van Melle, President of the Trethewey Beach Society, is shown making a donation from the members of his community for a much-needed computer monitor for the office of The Lake Windermere Ambassadors. Receiving this timely donation on behalf of the Ambassadors are Megan Peloso, Program Coordinator, and Taoya Schaefer-White, Director & Secretary. The Ambassadors, combined with a strong alliance with its Columbia Lake partners, are a registered charitable society comprised of a balanced cross-section of community citizens whose mandate is the protection of the Lake Windermere watershed.


“We are so grateful for this donation. In order to continue to strive for an ecologically healthy watershed and lake, we rely on grant funding for projects. However grants typically do not fund various core expenses such as office technology, therefore donations from members and groups in the local community are absolutely critical to our ability to continue to monitor the health of the watershed.” said Ms. Schaefer-White.


“Let me tell you, I cannot wait to set up the new monitor we now have thanks to Trethewey Beach Society. It’s going to make a world of difference to use a larger display when working on lake mapping, educational brochures, posters, and data management or reporting,” said Ms. Peloso. “Having equipment that is functional and efficient is essential, though as Taoya says it’s hard to fund through grants. This generous donation from Trethewey Beach will hopefully allow the Ambassadors to be even more successful achieving our goals of maintaining watershed health and promoting stewardship efforts that are so vital to the local culture and economy.” said Ms. Peloso.


“The beauty and health of our lake is one of the most important things to the residents within the Trethewey subdivision of Windermere” said Mr. van Melle. “The work that the Lake Ambassadors does is paramount to maintaining this health, as well as providing the optimal balance of ecological preservation and recreational use. The Trethewey Beach Society is proud to have been given the opportunity to help the Ambassadors with the purchase of their new monitor and we encourage any other Windermere Lake users to help out the Ambassadors in any capacity they can.” said Mr. van Melle.


The Lake Windermere Ambassadors would like to remind the community that it can issue tax receipts for donations, and encourages local businesses, full time and seasonal residents to consider adding their contribution to this critically important organization before the end of 2015.

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